‘Straya Day!

Before I came to Sydney, I imagined I would spend Australia Day lounging on a blazing hot beach in my swimmers and novelty cork hat and then getting completely blotto on cheap beer in a seaside pub filled with shirtless Aussie hunks. I did not expect weather akin to that of Glasgow (gloomy grey skies, endless rain) and enforced sobriety due to two types of antibiotics for a severely infected wisdom tooth. Continue reading


Sydney Festival

Sydney is a city of festivals. Every day, week and month seems to herald a new themed celebration of some kind, be it cycling, Chinese New Year or even tomatoes. Yes, the Sydney Tomato Festival is an actual thing – greenhouse enthusiasts rejoice! From 8th – 26th January, Australia’s most iconic city celebrated itself in a stylish smorgasbord of creative culture that encompassed music, dance, theatre, cabaret and art.
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Happy New Year

How far a year can take us. Twelve months ago, I was in a menial job, living in a house I hated with people I didn’t much like and involved long-distance with a wanker banker Aussie who, two weeks into 2014, took a sledgehammer to my heart. It wasn’t all bad. I lived in the most beautiful place on earth, partied harder than I had since I was a teenager and enjoyed an amazing
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New Year, New Blog

Hello and welcome to Reader, I Didn’t Marry Him: the wit, wisdom and whimsy of a nomadic twenty-something. I’m Steph, 27, from England (Yorkshire born and bred) and currently living in Sydney, where I spend my time pratting about in a manner befitting a teenager and trying to second guess the truly bonkers Australian weather. The score is currently Aussie Weather 2, Steph 1.

The 1st of January typically inspires resolution, a chance to Continue reading