F-Word February

My posts this month will have an F-word theme to honour the month of February, which mercifully puts an end to January, always a naff time of year as far as I’m concerned. No matter where I am in the world, those pesky January Blues get me every time.

Topics I am going to explore include: friendship, family, feminism, female fiction, fat and failure. Every Friday will be Film Friday, where I share with you some of my favourite female-focused movies.

In my personal life, I am sticking with the F-word theme and will be trying my very best to fix a flaw. I have always been terribly impatient and put it down to one of my many ‘adorable’ quirks – a static, unchangable part of my personality that other people would just have to deal with. However, I recently caught sight of myself in the mirror mid-loss-of-temper. The person staring back at me was the one I vowed as a child, and again as a teenager, I would never become. I know all too well how it feels to be on the receiving end of impatience, inconsistency, shouting, swearing and volatility. I hate the part of myself that has inflicted those things upon others, making them tread on eggshells around me. The good news is I have recognised it now and not in twenty years’ time. I can learn to be patient. I can learn to be better.


Do you have suggestions for f-words you would like me to write about? Have you ever tried to overcome a deeply entrenched flaw? How did it go?


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