Reasons to be Cheerful

After my last post about life’s gloomy spells, I thought it would be nice to take a leaf out of Ian Dury’s book and list the things that make me happy. And it is a long list, because I am very, very happy at this point in my life.

1. Blue skies in winter.


2. Hot chocolate. Just hold the whipped cream and marshmallows, I am not a child.


3. Dogs exist.


4. Agatha Christie novels that must be read in one nail-biting, edge of your seat, check over your shoulder in case the murderer is RIGHT BEHIND YOU, sitting.


5. This outfit. I am my own style crush right now.


6. Duvet days. Just me, a longline cardi, a few snacks and a box set binge-watch.

7. Post. Mail. Things that arrive in actual physical form and can be unwrapped/opened with childish glee like a mini-Christmas.


8. Buying a gorgeous new notebook from Kikki.K, otherwise known as stationery heaven.


9. Checking off everything on a to-do-list.

10. Long, hot showers. And then letting my hair dry in in front of the heater.

11. Laughing so much you think you might actually pee your pants.

12. Getting the urge to re-enact this video every morning on the train to work. Commuters of Sydney, watch out! It will happen when you least expect…

13. Tinder. Hello, men of Sydney! Thank you for the massive ego-boost ♡♡♡

14. Being single again after a disastrous relationship. It has been like waking up from an eight-month-long bad dream. I get my own way ALL THE TIME. No petty arguments or being forced to compromise (he never compromised). I can get through an entire Netflix episode or a chapter of a book without fielding irritating phonecalls regarding my whereabouts. I can hog the bed & the duvet. I don’t have to justify my constant stream of new clothes (fashion is my job) to someone who dresses like a CHAV. I hadn’t realised how restricted my life had become with him. It feels wonderful to be free.

15. Spontaneity. Saying yes to new adventures is something I hope I will always remember to do. It is incredibly rewarding.

16. Quality time with my friends. They are all awesome and I love them and am thankful to have their support, laughter and love.

17. Cover versions that knock spots off the originals, like The Killers covering Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits.

18. Gin.

19. Singing in the shower. Current performances include All About That Bass & the Cups song from Pitch Perfect.

20. I am blogging again! This is a surefire sign that all is well. Unlike a lot of tortured creative types out there, I write when I am happy.


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