Rip It Up

“Leaving feels good and pure only when you leave something important, something that mattered to you. Pulling life out by the roots. But you can’t do that – until your life has grown roots.”

-Paper Towns by John Green

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Clutching at Straws

On the 2nd May 2014, I stood on a bungy platform on top of a mountain, poised to jump. It was a freestyle bungy and I had somewhat foolishly elected to take a run up and dive off the platform. The drop was only 47m and I had done a bungy before, but nerves set in on my way up the mountain and my mind was desperately trying to convince me that to jump would be suicide.
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One of the greatest things about the random shuffle of world travel is the people you meet. Izzy, a French-Canadian foodie and tennis enthusiast I met when I first moved to Sydney, has a habit of pausing in the middle of the action to sigh and say, “Life.” It always struck me as hilarious and poignant in equal measure. What can we do, as humans, except hold up our hands and surrender to Life? I don’t believe in a divine higher power, but it is humbling to acknowledge there is very little, with the exception of our own behaviour, that we can actually control. Continue reading

‘Straya Day!

Before I came to Sydney, I imagined I would spend Australia Day lounging on a blazing hot beach in my swimmers and novelty cork hat and then getting completely blotto on cheap beer in a seaside pub filled with shirtless Aussie hunks. I did not expect weather akin to that of Glasgow (gloomy grey skies, endless rain) and enforced sobriety due to two types of antibiotics for a severely infected wisdom tooth. Continue reading

Sydney Festival

Sydney is a city of festivals. Every day, week and month seems to herald a new themed celebration of some kind, be it cycling, Chinese New Year or even tomatoes. Yes, the Sydney Tomato Festival is an actual thing – greenhouse enthusiasts rejoice! From 8th – 26th January, Australia’s most iconic city celebrated itself in a stylish smorgasbord of creative culture that encompassed music, dance, theatre, cabaret and art.
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Happy New Year

How far a year can take us. Twelve months ago, I was in a menial job, living in a house I hated with people I didn’t much like and involved long-distance with a wanker banker Aussie who, two weeks into 2014, took a sledgehammer to my heart. It wasn’t all bad. I lived in the most beautiful place on earth, partied harder than I had since I was a teenager and enjoyed an amazing
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